This is the homepage for Purdue University’s Graduate Student English Association. Here, you’ll find information about GradSEA, its members, and life as a graduate student in Purdue’s English Department.

GradSEA is comprised of graduate students in the English Department as well as graduate students in related Interdisciplinary Studies programs (American Studies, Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Literature) that have held graduate assistantships in the English Department at Purdue University.

GradSEA’s goals are:

  • To advocate for the interests of its members
  • To promote the professional and academic development of graduate students
  • To facilitate a public and democratic forum to discuss and negotiate issues related to our roles as students, teachers, employees, and colleagues
  • To provide a collective voice with which to engage faculty, administration, the larger University

As a vital part of our graduate community, GradSEA supports students throughout their time at Purdue University. In addition to an accomplished faculty, our department boasts a vibrant and supportive graduate student community with cross-disciplinary events that support the intellectual, professional, and social interests of graduate students. 

Looking forward, GradSEA will continue fostering collaboration across each of the English Department’s six programs through professionalization workshops and redesigned graduate student spaces. Additionally, we aim to act as advocates for graduate students’ diverse interests and promote greater communication between faculty and students.