Officers and Reps

Included below is a list of the 2016-2017 GradSEA officers and representatives. For a list of past Executive Officers, Committee Members, and Program Representatives, click here.


Executive Officers

  • President: Marc Diefenderfer
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Boyle
  • Treasurer: Jessica Auz


Committee Members

  • Graduate Studies: Michelle McMullin and Erin Brock-Carlson
  • Undergraduate Studies: Stacey Dearing and Haley Larsen
  • Introductory Writing: Beth Towle and Aleksandra Swatek
  • Professionalization: Justin Barker and Arielle McKee
  • Purdue Graduate Student Government: Michelle Campbell
  • Excellence in Teaching: Sherri Craig
  • Woodman Lecture Series: Daniel Fladager


Program Representatives

  • Creative Writing: McKinley Murphy
  • English Language and Linguistics: Libby Chernouski
  • Literary Studies: Susan Wegener
  • Rhetoric and Composition: Alisha Karabinus
  • Secondary Language Studies: Kai Yang
  • Theory and Cultural Studies: Josh Galat
  • First-Year Students: Paige Frazier
  • MA Students: Caroline Jennings