Housing and Transportation

On-Campus Housing

Purdue’s University Residences page has a lot of general information about on-campus housing.

For single graduate students, Purdue Village offers apartment living with all the amenities of campus life. The apartments are furnished with a full kitchen, bed, desk, dresser, table and chairs. There are two options for single graduate students: one bedroom for one occupant with air conditioning included* or two bedroom for two occupants with air conditioning included.*

Hilltop also offers apartment living for single graduate students with all the amenities of campus life. Like Purdue Village, the apartments are furnished with a full kitchen, bed, desk, dresser, table and chairs. This option for single graduate students is a one bedroom for one occupant with air conditioning included.

For additional information about graduate housing options, visit University Residences’ Graduate Housing page.

* Note: Window air conditioners are located in the living room for single bedroom apartments and in the living room and Bedroom “A” in the two bedroom apartments.


Off-Campus Housing

Many graduate students choose to live off-campus in either West Lafayette or Lafayette.

For general help searching for a place to live off campus, visit Purdue University’s Off-Campus Housing Guide. Be sure to check out both the search feature and the landlord surveys!

Additionally, PRF Residential, a division of the Purdue Research Foundation, is responsible for the rental and maintenance of several apartments and houses close to campus. You can call them at (765) 496-6245 or see a list of current available rentals on their website.

Additional information about ways to locate off-campus housing can be found on the Purdue Graduate School’s Graduate Student Housing page.



While some graduate students choose to live in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas during their study at Purdue, most choose to live around Purdue’s campus in Lafayette or West Lafayette. Living in close proximity to campus opens up a number of transportation options.

Many graduate students own their own cars and choose to drive to campus. There is limited short-term street parking  around campus, so many graduate students choose to purchase parking permits. To find out more about purchasing a parking permit and the various permit options available to you, please visit the Parking Services website.

In addition to driving to campus, students may also choose to take CityBus, the local public transportation system which is free for Purdue students, faculty, and staff. On the Greater Lafayette City Bus website, you can find information about the system’s extensive bus system, up-to-date maps, and more.

There are a number of shuttle services available for graduate students planning to visit airports in Indianapolis or Chicago. The two most commonly used shuttle services are Star of America and Lafayette Limo.

Additional transportation resources around Purdue’s campus include: Uber, Zipcar, and more.